estaurant – Aathangudi

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Timings –  06.30 am to 11.00 pm

The restaurant interiors includes an area with waterbodies and greenery adjoining a central section. This is highlighted with an open roofed area that brings in natural light. Patrons can be seated in this area from amongst the various seating options available. Seating options include more private spaces ideal for dining with family.

Musical Theme

The walls of the restaurant area decorated with various paintings and artefacts with a common theme of ‘Music’, as many of the paintings depict musical instruments. One can see many of the local instruments like the Veena showcased in the paintings. This is a tribute to the rich musical traditions of the region, and brings an ethnic flavor to the ambience.

International and Traditional cuisine

Sangam Hotel Madurai restaurant offers both variety and depth of cuisines from Continental to Chinese and local favorites. The cuisine on offer caters to local tastes which visitors can enjoy, but also provides a full fledged continental option for tourists and travelers to Madurai

Buffet options

Both buffet options and ala carte options are available as per the schedule for the weekday or weekend at the restaurant in Madurai. The Weekend buffet is a lavish and elaborate affair with a range of options to choose from. The weekend lunch buffet is great for visitors like corporates or businessmen looking to grab a quick lunch but still wanting a rich dining experience with a multitude of choices.

Street food reinvented

A popular Madurai staple amongst locals is the street food called as a ‘Mess’. At the restaurant at Sangam Hotel in Madurai, handpicked elements of this traditional cuisine is re-introduced in a modern and luxurious format. This is a great way to get a feel of the local cuisine of Madurai.