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temple architecture Tamil Nadu

Temples, first rock-cut type and then made of stones, made their appearance from the 8th century. The architecture of temple generally confines to five basic shapes; Caturasra (square), Ayatasra (rectangular), Vrittayat (elliptical), Vritta (circular), Astasra (octagonal).

The plan of a temple is dictated by the nature of the deity. For example the shrine of the reclining Ranganatha can only be rectangular. The early 7th century saw the rise of monolithic temples carved out of the rock, like the monuments in Mahabalipuram. The mid 8th century Vaikuntha Perumal has an interesting arrangement of three sanctums, one above the other, within the body of the superstructure.

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book the right room

When you decide to visit religious or historical places like Trichy, Thanjavur or Madurai, for pilgrimage, personal or business needs, it is important that you have a hassle – free trip in every aspect. Especially not being bothered about the accommodation, or whether you end up under-booking or over-booking rooms.

All the hotels of the Sangam group in Trichy, Thanjavur and Madurai offer a choice of 4 star rated luxury rooms in different formats to suit your preferences and requirements. The Executive rooms come in stylish upmarket design and offer all basic amenities and are a quite popular choice for pilgrims or tourists with an extended stay in mind and business travelers on short trips too. The Standard rooms in Sangam Trichy and Sangam Madurai is the best choice for overnight or stopover visitors. These rooms are compact, efficient and functional but includes all the essentials.

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Thanjavur formerly known as Tanjore has always been known as a cultural capital of the South. Apart from being the centre of culture it is also a prominent centre of rice cultivation, which has earned it the sobriquet ‘Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu’.

The city shot into prominence as the capital of the mighty Cholas between 11th and 14th century. During these periods, the Cholas built several temples in the city and developed Thanjavur as an important centre of art and culture. Brihadeeshwarar Temple stands testimony to the wealth and might of the Cholas.

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where to stop-madurai

Situated on the banks of Vaigai river, Madurai has been inhabited for over 2000 years, thus evolving into a very happening place. Called the temple city of South India, the mainstream life of Madurai centres around the Meenakshi Temple, making the majority of trips to the city spiritually inclined. Because of this reason, a grand scale shopping that you would expect in a metro city may not work out here. However, if you do love shopping, the city does have places to get what you want.

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importance murugan tamil literature

Lord Murugan or Karthikeyan is an extremely popular God in Tamil Nadu. He is worshipped with great fervour throughout the state and also in some parts of Kerala and Malaysia. It sometimes makes people wonder why this particular God is held on a pedestal among the other Gods in Hinduism. The answer to this can be found if we take a quick glance at the literature, archaeological remains and popular legends prevalent in Tamil Nadu.

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