Live Counters open @swimming pool side at Hotel Sangam with exquisite Indian street foods you have been waiting to feast on.

Don’t wait a second.

Dates: 25th Sep – 4th Oct 2015


No dish makes an entrance as spectacular as the Sizzler! When brought to the table, the fumes and sounds of a sizzler easily remind one of a hero’s introduction scene in a typical Tamil movie! Come over to the Chembian
Restaurant OR the Cascade Coffee Shop at The Sangam Trichy and have a sizzling experience!

The Sizzler Fest!

Sangam Hotels managing director, V Vasudevan talks about what makes his 40 year old hotel stand out from the rest, besides the brand journey so far.

Sangam Hotels in the news


Trekking is one of the most enjoyable activities that people indulging in adventure tourism take part. If you love the outdoors, trekking is a great way to enjoy it. Trekking is an adventure that refreshes both the body and mind. Of course, there are tons of benefits that come off it, including increased bone density, weight loss, smooth functioning of the cardiac muscles, improved hand – eye & leg – eye coordination and much more.

Trekking in Trichy is becoming popular day by day. Trekking has evolved as a mainstream activity of sorts in Trichy. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the wonderful geography here that favours trekking really well. Here we have charted a couple not-to-be-missed routes that trekkers in Trichy should pursue.

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